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Stats All Businesses Should Know

Small and Medium Size Business Owners

It’s 2022… everyone knows that video production is great for marketing. But just how important is it, in terms of revenue, targeting audiences, and more? We did the research, so you don’t have to. (Research found via Vidyard and Wyzowl.)

According to Wyzowl, 72% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a service or product than read about it.

The people have spoken, and businesses are listening. On average, high-tech, service, and communication businesses published 300 original videos in 2018 (Vidyard). That is almost 1 every day of the year!

What’s even better? 87% of people want to see more videos from brands in 2019, according to Wyzowl. C’mon now, give the people what they want!

Here are some pretty astounding stats that will help your business use video in the most effective way.


87% of viewers watch videos on a desktop or laptop computer. While mobile viewing is growing (13% as compared to 11% in 2017), most people still want to watch videos on a larger screen.

People watch the most business video content on Tuesday-Thursday in the mornings. Specifically, the best time to post or promote your videos is Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

desktop mobile video viewing
video viewing days of the week
video viewing patterns throughout day

Company Size

Mega-companies only produce 5% more video content than start-ups and small businesses. This proves that small businesses see video as a way to compete with larger corporations… and it’s working.

average number videos company size

Video Content

Webinars, demos, and social media videos are the most popular type of videos on the market.

Where are these videos located? Most commonly on company websites, social media, and YouTube, respectively.

distribution channels video content is used
types videos businesses invested in

Length of Video

The average length of video was 4.07 minutes in 2018, 2 minutes shorter than the average from 2017. And 73% of videos are less than 2 minutes long. This is most likely because businesses are realizing that creating more concise content increases viewer retention rates significantly. However, research shows that more viewers watch until the end of a video that is 2-4 minutes long, rather than a shorter 1-2 minute video. Main takeaway: you need both! Short sizzle videos will catch the attention of viewers on social media, and 2-4 minute videos pack in the detail and personality people need to actually learn about your company.

video length distribution

So don’t just take it from us! Let the data speak for itself. Whether you’re a small start-up, or a huge successful business, high quantities of quality video content is more important now than ever before.