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Producing a high-end, broadcast-quality ad for broadcast is no easy task. There are so many moving parts that it’s easy to let something fall through the cracks. At FME Studios, we have the experience and equipment to never let that happen. We have a very experienced team with backgrounds not only in television commercials but in producing full-length television shows as well. From conceptualizing the spot to finishing the custom color grading to help the spot fit your brand, we are staffed to make sure your spot stands out from the rest.

We utilize the best talent Raleigh-Durham has to offer. FME’s sound technicians, camera operators, editors, and graphic artists work together with our producers to ensure each element of your production is produced beautifully and presented seamlessly. You can rest assured that the production you walk away with will be of the highest quality and meet all broadcast production standards.

neyius media

Neyius Media becomes the majority owner of a North Carolina news magazine.

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London UK – Neyius Media, LLC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neyius, Inc. Today announced it has become the majority owner of the North Carolina news magazine Chatham Weekly

Chatham Weekly reaches the doorstep of more than 40,000 residents in Chatham County, NC. 

On the purchase, Mandee Woodard, Executive Vice-President of Business Affairs for Neyius, Inc., says, “this was strategic purchasing at its finest. Since its creation, our goal for Neyius Media was to bring voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, and represent those who have been misrepresented. We intend to use Chatham Weekly as the foundation to realize that goal.” 

Chatham Weekly over the coming months will begin to transform into ‘Our Town Weekly’ and expand into markets throughout the United States. Intent on not just reaching but serving rural America. Unifying their voices and highlighting their unique and remarkable experiences and lifestyles. 

Adopting the slogan “Bringing positive attention to the underrepresented backbone of the nation.” 

“My parents are both from small-town America. Every time I’ve gone to visit their hometowns, I’ve always felt a sense of family through community, and was always met with a wave of love.” Says Courtney Jordan, Founder and Executive Chairman of Neyius. 

Often misunderstood and shunned for traditional values. This is something we aim to change. 

We welcome this awesome opportunity to grow and truly realize our goals. Said Liam Gutierrez,  Co-Owner of Chatham Weekly. 

About Neyius Media, LLC. 

Neyius Media, LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neyius, Inc. Formed after the 2022 sell of The Odyssey Channel, Neyius Media, still maintains ownership of Odyssey Commercial, a cinematography company that shoots television or digital commercials for business. 

About Chatham Weekly

Chatham Weekly is a minority-owned print legacy news publication. Who delivers directly to the doors of more than 40,000 residents in North Carolina, which in the past has primarily been those who are black and brown. Chatham Weekly strives to offer perspective and news affecting every community and group.  


Eve McPhearson 

Executive Vice-President of External Communications, Neyius